Learn About the Best Cardio Workouts!

In this article you will get information about the best cardio worouts! Be ready to get cardio workout today and get your desired body within few days.

Best Cardio Workout

Rowing Machine:

The rowing machine is a great cardio workout, mainly because it works so much of your body at once. Your force to use your back, legs, and arms to the row which can help to give you a better workout. Prevent your back rounding, make sure to keep your back straight although it is okay to bend at the hips. Make sure to mix up your training, with shorter higher intensity rowing making up the majority of your time, combined with longer less intense rows.

Elliptical Trainer:

This workout is often underestimated, but if your form is correct it can be an effective workout. Make sure to use your legs to drive the machine as opposed to ‘spinning’ it using the only momentum. Prevent using low intensity, increase the resistance to prevent yourself using the only momentum. Make sure to Use ‘pyramid’ training, alternating between different levels of resistance. This kind of training can come under HIIT (High-intensity interval training) if done correctly and you work hard on the higher resistance sections.

Stair Climber:

This form of training is favored by professional bodybuilders because it is extremely effective if done correctly and is easy on your joints. As opposed to many other forms of cardio this training is perfect for those with joint issues as there is little pressure. Prevent using your arms to hold yourself up, it’s fine to rest them but don’t use them to assist in the workout. Make sure to use different training lengths. Personally, I much prefer to do longer and slower workouts on the stair climber, focusing on my form and making every minute count.


Almost certainly the most popular cardio workout and for good reason! Running is an extremely effective form of training and is a great exercise to help lose weight fast for men. Prevent wasting energy by ‘bobbing’ around too much, focus on moving your legs rather than your upper body. Make sure to run shorter distances by incorporating sprints into your workout. Sprinting is, in my opinion, the best method to lose weight fast for men.

Stationary Bike:

Stationary Bike Workout

The reason I have put this as the best workout is because it is a great workout without because stressful on your joints and can allow for different forms of training. Prevent having your seat in the wrong position. You want your legs to be almost completely extended when they reach the bottom most point of the rotation. Make sure to be intense! Use 30-second sprint intervals with 2 minutes of recovery at a much slower pace, followed by another 30-second sprint. This is the best form of training on the bike, but you must make sure to be intense and put your all in!

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